I went to Aisha for hypnosis for anxiety and weight loss.  The first session was for anxiety, and it changed my life! I have a very demanding job, and I internalize a lot of stress. I am a "worrywart".  The first session I wasn't even sure if I was relaxed enough for it to work! There is no "hocus pocus" or "mind control"; I remembered almost all of what she said during the session.  But afterwards, it was like a light switch had flipped to turn all my anxiety and worry to the "off" position. I am still amazed at how well it worked. A lot of my eating was driven by stress and anxiety.  I noticed a real difference in my eating habits after that very first session. The subsqequent sessions for weight loss were money well spent.  I started exercising more and eating less.  Now, if I start worrying again, I plug my ear buds in and listen to the 15 minute stress buster CD.  It is amazing how much Aisha's sessions have taught me to relax.  I have recommended her to all of my friends and coworkers. I think everyone would benefit from a session! I only wish I had gone to her sooner. Definitely the easiest and best thing I have done for my health. 

- Dr. Anne Dempsey, M.D.
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Weight Loss

I had two clients today for their last sessions in a series. They both did well and one of them lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. That's always encouraging.

I have asked one of them for a success story since she did well and she is a physician. More and more M.D.s are embracing hypnotherapy and that's a good thing!
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Austin NLP Class

Special Introductory Tuition $150

Join us in this weekend workshop for an exploration of the Fundamentals of NLP. This two-day workshop, the second weekend of our Practitioner Training will take you through examples of what Neuro Linguistic Programming has to offer and demonstrate the potential and power of NLP. You will gain skills, discover resources and master techniques that can greatly expand your behavioral choices and increase your flexibility while learning specific NLP tools to start using right away!

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Thanksgiving NLP - Style: A Cornucopia of Ideas and Patterns

Presented by Jaime Nichols
Tuesday, November 24, 7 pm to 9:30pm
Unity Center, 9603 Dessau Road, Austin, Tx
$10 Donation to Unity Center

The holiday season is upon us, which brings new challenges and opportunities for applying the NLP attitude for more gratitude. Just like when sitting down to feast on the fruits of the harvest, participants in this special November meeting will get the opportunity to sample and learn techniques, practices, and patterns that can help make this season one to enjoy, remember, and celebrate. Among the ideas we’ll be playing with together will be:

Yes AND No: Saying Both at the Same Time
The Forgiveness Pattern
Chaining Anchors to Help Overcome Doubt

Jaime Nichols is a consulting hypnotist and NLP practitioner with over 7 years experience.

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Overcome Fear of Flying Phobia with Hypnosis

"Thank you Aisha! for  helping me get rid of my fear of flying. The two appointments with you, along with the CD, made it possible for me to fly once again.  I flew from Houston to New York City to see my  son run in the ING New York City Marathon. I loved the plane trip from beginning to end.  I loved the sights and sounds of New York City.  I found out for my self that New Yorkers are really very nice people. I didn't dread the plane ride home either.  Actually, I enjoyed the trip home very much, meeting new people. I  wish that I would have made an appointment with you much years sooner. No fear of flying for me any more.  I hope that my success story will give other fearful flyers the courage to let you help them overcome their fear of flying.
Best regards, miracle worker!"

- Roland Gerth, Jr.

Roland's story is unique in that he rode in planes and helicopters in Vietnam, but he couldn't ride in planes when he came back to the States. His story is typical in that I have 100% success rate with clients who have fear of flying, even after decades of phobia.

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White Lily

Your Austin Hypnotist is the Back in Town

I just got back from Dallas and it really makes me realize how much I love Austin. I really enjoy serving the Austin, Texas community with hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis services. There is no place like Austin, Texas.

I took a business seminar in Dallas and my head is filled with information. I am glad to have a few hours today before I start seeing clients.

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Hypnosis Creates More Choice

One thing that hypnosis can do very well is to raise awareness. Another thing it can do very well is give you more choices.

Bad habits often result from impulsive habits that exist below the level of conscious awareness, so raising awareness allows you to get to the root of the problem. If you think of the problem state (smoking, weight loss, etc.) as a weed, most people just chop the plant part of the weed off, but leave the roots intact. The roots eventually regrow the plant. That's why so many people yoyo diet. That's why so many people stop smoking only to start up again. They are treating symptoms but not the source of the problem.

Now imagine a nice sculpture on a table. Also imagine that you only see it from just one angle. From this angle the sculpture looks like two dolphins jumping. That's all you see. You assume that is all there is. You have seen it so much, you stop even noticing it. At that point your perspective becomes passive and subconscious.

Now you go to a hypnotherapist like myself and they invite you to sit in a different position. Perhaps in a different chair. Now you see the other side of the sculpture and realize there are also rainbows, mermaids and fish in the sculpture. You are also more aware of the dolphins and notice new details. Your perception is broadened and you see the other side. You go about your daily life and stop seeing the fish, mermaids, dolphins and rainbows in the sculpture eventhough you know they are there. At this point the new, broadened perspective becomes passive and subconscious. If the broadened view represents a state of more choice and more perception, you have just integrated a healthy habit. It's your new default state.

So hypnosis is a tool that helps you see different perspectives on old problems so that you can get unstuck from seeing things in just one way. What if you saw food as a source of energy instead of entertainment or comfort? What if you saw exercise as a hobby instead of a chore? At a deep, root level these perspective shifts would probably cause positive changes in how you ate and how you exercised.

If you would like more choice in your life, give me a call. I can help!

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