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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss was featured in June of 2012 on the popular Dr. Oz TV show. Many of my Austin clients are fans fo the Dr. Oz Show.

The hypnotist featured created a hypnotic gastric band so that these three women would get full faster and eat smaller portions. It worked. I do something similar for my weight loss clients.

Here is the video link:

Anyone interested in losing weight by changing impulses and lifestyle choices can give me a call or 512-466-6655, or contact me through my web pages:

All the best in health,
Aisha Kessler
Certified Hypnotist
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Rhodiola for nicotine addiction

There is more good new for those who are stopping smoking.

The herb I have been selling for years has just been proven to help with nicotine addiction by balancing brain chemistry. It specifically helps with depression following tobacco cessation.

I am very excited about this because it validates what I have always suspected. My largest populations that use rhodiola are new non-smokers and those who are learning to manage stress.

However, I have had clients wean themselves off of anti-depressants using rhodiola so the idea that helps smokers with the angst and the blues when weaning themselves off of nicotine is not too me.

Here is a link to the scientific paper:
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New Year's Resolutions

I am busy getting ready for a new year and a fresh start. With that comes new year's resolutions. This is the time of year when people are ready to let go of old, outworn habits and achieve goals like:
* stop smoking
* lose weight
* exercise motivation
* increase self-esteem
* Sleep more soundly and overcome insomnia

I am ready to help new and old hypnosis clients achieve their personal best to make 2013 a great new year!

My web site is still at:
You can read about smoking cessation at
and weight loss at:

New Wellspring Hypnosis LLC Office

I have returned refreshed from six months in SE Asia.

New Wellspring Hypnosis LLC Office is located at 2720 Bee Caves Rd. in Austin, Texas. This is a nice professional building. I share the office with a massage thereapist so I also offer massage therapy right now (I am an LMT).

I am taking appointments for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, fear of flying, dating confidence, study skills, test taking, fearless public speaking and overcoming writer's block, to name a few common issues.

512 four six six six six five 5

My web site is still at:
White Lily

Hypnotic Metaphors are Like...

There is a great study in Not Exactly Rocket Science about how linguistic metaphors have powerful subconscious affects on how we behave and perceive the world.

I use the power of metaphors for positive change in my hypnosis work. That is where being an English major has been a great benefit to my healing practice.

For example, consider cigarettes as

intruders or robbers

Fat as winter snow that can melt in the spring

The breath as a well that pumps an aquifer of strength and willpower into the conscious mind.

Hypnosis is using trance and language to change stuck behaviors. Metaphors are the levers that move the boulders out of the path.
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Fringe Benefits and Unexpected Boons from Hypnosis

I recently worked with a client on some self-confidence issues. She came in her second session and exclaimed excitedly that her insomnia had gone away.

I was surprised because we hadn't actually worked on insomnia and she hadn't even mentioned it during our interview.

I am not surprised too, because my hypnosis programs often have fringe benefits. Things get fixed that I didn't specifically try to fix. It's because the whole mind-body-emotional system is one thing and when you remedy one part of it, benefits often arise in seemingly unrelated areas. This is especially true when the issue remedied is a "lynch-pin" issue. It's like finally getting the first string of a very tight knot loosened; the rest is then easy and it unravels.