austin_hypnosis (austin_hypnosis) wrote,

Fringe Benefits and Unexpected Boons from Hypnosis

I recently worked with a client on some self-confidence issues. She came in her second session and exclaimed excitedly that her insomnia had gone away.

I was surprised because we hadn't actually worked on insomnia and she hadn't even mentioned it during our interview.

I am not surprised too, because my hypnosis programs often have fringe benefits. Things get fixed that I didn't specifically try to fix. It's because the whole mind-body-emotional system is one thing and when you remedy one part of it, benefits often arise in seemingly unrelated areas. This is especially true when the issue remedied is a "lynch-pin" issue. It's like finally getting the first string of a very tight knot loosened; the rest is then easy and it unravels.

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