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Stop Smoking Article in NY Times

This is a great article on using hypnosis to quit smoking.

This quote made me laugh because I hear these very words from incredulous (and successful) clients all the time:

“It didn’t work; I wasn’t hypnotized,” he declared after his one and only session. But it did work; since that day, he has not taken one puff of a cigarette.

Gloria Kanter of Boynton Beach, Fla., thought her attempt in 1985 to use hypnosis to overcome her fear of flying had failed. “When the therapist brought me out, I said it didn’t work,” she recalled in an interview. “I told her, ‘I heard everything you said.’ ”

I would be honored to help you stop smoking if you live in the Austin, Texas, area...or by phone or CD if you live in outlying areas. Just call me at (512) 797-6536.

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