July 3rd, 2007

White Lily

The Science and the Art of Hypnosis

My favorite blog, Mindhacks, has more links on the Neuropsychology of Hypnosis.

I am really glad hypnosis is being rigorously studied in relation to genes and the brain. However, these studies must be scientifically controlled and standardized. This is pure science. There is no room to study the ART of hypnosis in these labs, and yet hypnosis as I know it is very much an artform. A skilled hypnotist modulates their technique to fit the individual in front of them in order to help them go into trance and produce change in their lives. Even people who are considered "low susceptibility" on these scientific tests, can be hypnotized by finding the ways they normally go into trance in their daily life and using the memory of that experience to elicit trance in hypnosis.And that's just one technique.

There is no scientific way to measure this dynamic artform which differs with each and every person. It's more like improvisational jazz.

And that's okay with me.

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